Dunno if I should add in Brandon...  Been tossing this idea around in my head for a little while now...  I'm thinking... THAT DEANNA, MIKAYLA AND I NEED MORE INSIDE JOKES :D

Maybe I'll add a fictional character! :3 My first attempt was with Exkashi...  We'll see how things go.  My skills at drawing men are absolutely horrific!!!! ^_^




Wrote more yesterday.  Haven't been able to scan them in yet

I put up a new layout with a vertical sidebar. Tell me what you think here.
And I combined the Surveys and Stats page to create "Survey and Stats". I thought that'd lessen the cluttered tabs.
Also added the video page.  The video shows how I make the slides in that Archives.  Check it out!

Olympics opening ceremony just ended a little while ago. Poor Georgia. They all looked so sad...  Like losing a family member.

Going to bed, it's late!




So AFAIC has got a blog now... I'll write random bull and you'll just comment below... :) Give er a try! Send on over your orca mail!

Oh, and hear this, I'm kinda wanting a male character... Kinda thinking... Brandon!?

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